Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists frequently asked questions concerning various aspects of the International Information Systems study program.

Is the registration process at the Technical Faculty different from the one in Nuremberg?

No. You need to register in meinCampus for both exams in in Erlangen and Nuremberg.

Can I register for exams at FAU when I am currently taking a semester off (“Urlaubssemester”)?

No, you cannot register for exams at FAU during an “Urlaubssemester”. Please note, however, that you will still be re-registered for an exam if you failed it the semester before.

If I cannot find a course on mein campus who can I contact?

Please be patient, at the beginning of the registration period delays can occur. If they are not fixed after a few days, contact your student representatives. They will help you solve this problem.

How can I register for exams?

Use the platform meinCampus to register for exams during the fixed period announced by the examination office. If you have problems with meinCampus have a look at the help page.

How can I transfer completed modules into a different study area?

Please stick to the following process if you wish to transfer your achievements to another study area:

  1. Fill out the form with your personal details, the module details and the preferred study area.
  2. Send the filled form via E-Mail to the examination office (
  3. Please be aware that any transfer is restricted to the information provided in the module handbook.

Who can I contact if I have problems with my stay abroad?

If you have problems before or during your stay abroad please contact the IIS going abroad coordinator.

Where can I find information about scholarships?

Have a look on the website of the FAU to find information about scholarships.

What’s the procedure for writing my thesis abroad?

Have a look at the section about writing a thesis. If you still have questions after reading this get in touch with the chair you want to write your thesis at or contact the IIS going abroad coordinator.

Should I take a semester off (“Urlaubssemester”) during my stay abroad?

It is recommended to take a semester off during your stay abroad. This semester off is only accepted afterward if you did not earn more than 25 ECTS abroad. The whole procedure is explained on the website of the international relations office.

When should I apply for going abroad?

If you want to apply for a study abroad semester at a partner university of the WiSo (School of Business and Economics) in Nuremberg you can find all useful information at the international relations office. They also announce the exact application date every year. Please be aware that you have to apply during your first semester (the usual deadline is in December) if you want to go abroad during the third.

When do the language courses start and do I have to be there in the first week?

Most of the language courses start in the first week and it is mandatory for you to attend the course. Otherwise, your registration for this course may be deleted. If your course does not start in the first week, you will usually find more information in the course catalog.

Can I do the language course abroad?

Yes, you can. But, as for other courses, you need a learning agreement.

Where and when do I have to register for a language course?

The registration period will be announced by the language center. Be aware that the registration period usually starts a few weeks before the semester starts. Use the announced platform to register for your course. Usually, you have to register using Oktis.

Are there also beginner courses during summer term?

Unfortunately not every language course has a beginner course during the summer term. Have a look at the course catalog to find out which courses are offered each semester.

Which languages are offered?

The FAU offers a variety of language courses. Please have a look at the course list offered by the language center.

Do I have to do a language course?

Yes, foreign language skills worth a total of 5 ECTS are mandatory for IIS students.

Do I have to be matriculated while I write my thesis?

Yes, you have to be matriculated when you register your thesis as well as when you hand it in.

Where can I find topics for my master’s thesis?

Have a look at the topics announced on the websites of the different chairs and/or ask the chairs’ research assistants about possible thesis topics when you meet them in class. Contacting a staff member of a chair via e-mail is, of course, possible, too. For more information, please see the master thesis section on this page.

When can I start writing my master’s thesis?

You can start your master’s thesis each semester, but it is recommended for the last semester.

How can I re-register for the next semester?

Each student will receive information about the exact re-registering process from the student record office at his/her university email address. The re-registering period is usually announced in the academic calendar and in meinCampus.

Who can I contact if I have problems with the re-registration process?

If your re-registration did not work contact the student relations office.

What happens if I forgot to re-register?

Immediately contact the student record office otherwise you will be exmatriculated. They will help you with the next steps.