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Doctoral program

Doctoral program

General overview

  • Foundations (5 ECTS)
    At the beginning of the PhD program, students have to familiarise with scientific research and its methods. This course enables students to develop a solid research agenda for their PhD project.
  • Research methods courses (10 ECTS)
    Students should choose their courses from the following groups of courses, together with their advisor, which best meet their needs and the requirements of their research project.
    The program offers research methods courses in the areas of desk research, qualitative research methods, quantitative research methods, and experimental research methods.
  • Participation in the scientific community (5 ECTS)
    From early in their scientific endeavour, students are encouraged to participate actively in the scientific community. This includes among others the following activities:
    • Participating in doctoral colloquia (1-2 year)
    • Present at renowned conferences (~ from 2 years on)
    • Publish papers in renowned journals (~ from 2 years on)
  • Teaching qualification (5 ECTS)
    Students are encouraged to become involved in teaching as a way to develop their skills. Typically, they teach exercises as well as give seminars at a professional level in their area of competence.
  • Professional development (5 ECTS)
    Students are encouraged to choose further seminars to enhance their professional development according to their personal needs and interest. The FAU offers a broad variety of PhD seminars.

For further information and application please contact the head of the WIN Doctoral program, Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein kathrin.moeslein(at)