Overview of course offerings

Recurring Courses

Various courses are offered frequenty in the doctoral program, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend them. Examples include:

WIN Foundations

The seminar is held by all professors of the institute together. They introduce the Institute of Information Systems, give an overview of the research activities in the field and provide general information about scientific research and participation in academic work.

Research Methods

The seminar focusses on specific methodological approaches in the field of business and management studies or information systems research. As the Institute of Information Systems at FAU is mainly dedicated to design-oriented and qualitative research approaches, they are most frequently covered in the seminars.

Classic IS Papers

In this seminar, students meet to read classic papers from the field of information systems research and discuss them in detail. Background information about the underlying streams of scientific theory and the authors of the paper is also provided.

Further Course Offerings

Seminars and other events in the WIN doctoral program also cover a large variety of additional aspects of academic work. The following seminar and workshop topics from past years can serve as illustrations:

  • What makes a good theory?
  • Networking in academia
  • What is information? What is a system?
  • Principles of empirical enquiry
  • Research and publication strategies
  • Experimentation in the digital world