Master thesis

Master thesis

This section describes requirements and approaches for writing your master thesis within the IIS program.

Formal Requirements

  • You are always required to have a supervisor at FAU, even if you write your thesis abroad or in cooperation with a company.
  • The timeframe for writing your master thesis is 6 months.
  • The thesis can be written in German or English. The actually required language depends on your supervisor.
  • Format and scope of your work are determined by your supervisor.
  • You are not required to participate in a master thesis seminar unless it is stated by the associated University Chair. Please check if this requirement applies to you.

Where to write your thesis

In general, there are 4 options on where to write your thesis:

  • Option A: Writing at the FAU
    You can write your thesis with a professor/University Chair listed in the module handbook.
  • Option B: Writing at the FAU in cooperation with a company in Germany
  • Option C: Writing at a University abroad (counts as a semester abroad)
  • Option D: Writing at a company abroad (counts as a semester abroad)

We recommend starting as early as possible to search for a topic and a supervisor!

How to select a topic

The following steps can be considered for all of the above-mentioned options where to write your thesis.


If things are unclear or none of the mentioned options apply to you, feel free to contact us at