Going Abroad

Going Abroad

Gaining international experience…

It is mandatory for students to study abroad for at least one semester during the course of the program. The modular structure of the program facilitates the going abroad process as makes it easier for students to find appropriate courses that match the curriculum. The modular structure also permits students to spend up to two semesters abroad.

There are four possibilities that count as studying abroad:

  • Students go on an exchange semester to one of our partner universities (e.g. ERASMUS)
  • Students go on an exchange semester to any recognized university as a free mover
  • Students do their master‘s thesis in cooperation with one of our academic partners located outside Germany (Limited number of possibilities)
  • Students do their master‘s thesis in cooperation with a company located outside Germany

We encourage our students to do internships abroad during the semester breaks, but this does not count as a study abroad semester.

Information on financing:

  • Most of our exchange cooperations are supported by international programs, e.g. the ERASMUS program. In most of these case, the study fees are waived
  • Students receiving BAföG, also normally receive funding by Auslands-BAföG (Payment of study fees, travel expenses, etc. up to 4.600€ per year)
  • There are various external scholarship programs that financially support students in studying abroad (e.g. DAAD, Fulbright, GOstralia!, BayInd, BayLat, etc.). More information can be found here.