Going Abroad

Information about Studying Abroad

Extension of temporary derogation for mandatory abroad semester

  • Students who are in their 3rd semester of IIS studies or in a higher semester during summer term 2022 and who have successfully applied for a stay abroad in summer term 2022 can be exempt from the obligation to physically go abroad.
  • To apply for exemption under these rules, please send the following documents in one merged PDF file via email to studium-iis@fau.de with subject line “Application for exemption from abroad semester”. The deadline for submitting these documents is until March 31, 2022 for planned stays abroad in summer term 2022.
    • Filled in application form (please fill in electronically)
    • Official confirmation of the successful application for the planned semester abroad
    • Enrollment certificate from FAU for summer term 2022
    • If applicable: documents supporting your application (e.g. respective letters from the host university, screenshot from German Robert-Koch-Institut mentioning the city / country of their abroad university as risk area)

    Please wait until all documents mentioned above are available to you before submitting your application. This especially applies if you do not have an enrollment certificate for summer term 2022 yet. We will process and approve all legitimate applications, so rest assured that you will be exempted from the obligation to go abroad if the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled.

  • Once submitted, it might take up to four weeks until your application is processed by the program committee and the examination office. Once approved, you should see a respective entry on meinCampus. If you do not see any status update on meinCampus four weeks after submitting your application, please contact us again. Note that we do not answer inquiries about intermediate status updates within the four-week period as this would only slow down the overall process.
  • Students who have not been abroad yet and who did not plan to go abroad during summer term 2022 have to apply normally for a stay abroad in an upcoming semester. We will decide based on the situation at the beginning of each following semester whether the rules stated above will be prolonged or not. Until this decision is announced, please expect that going abroad will remain mandatory for all future semesters.
  • Students who voluntarily decide to go abroad during summer term 2022 (or who have the possibility to study remotely at their university abroad) may feel free to do so, but please understand that we cannot provide support in case of any problems arising from the decision to voluntarily go abroad (e.g. quarantine measures, “being stuck” in another country, etc.).

General information about studying abroad

It is mandatory for students to study abroad for at least one semester during the course of the program. The modular structure of the program facilitates the going abroad process as makes it easier for students to find appropriate courses that match the curriculum. The modular structure also permits students to spend up to two semesters abroad.

There are four possibilities how to fulfill the obligation for studying abroad:

  • Students go on an exchange semester to one of our partner universities (e.g. ERASMUS)
  • Students go on an exchange semester to any recognized university as a free mover
  • Students do their master‘s thesis in cooperation with one of our academic partners located outside Germany (Limited number of possibilities)
  • Students do their master‘s thesis in cooperation with a company located outside Germany

We also encourage our students to do internships abroad during the semester breaks, but this does not count as a study abroad semester.

Important note concerning ERASMUS scholarships: Even though there is no obligation from our side to obtain a minimum ECTS score at the abroad university as part of an ERASMUS exchange, we cannot accept applications for ERASMUS scholarships if the respective student decides not to physically go abroad. If you are planning to stay in Germany during your abroad semester, please choose an option where you do not obtain a financial scholarship for going abroad. Notice that any fraud attempt related to this can have severe consequences!

The process of planning and organizing the study abroad period can be challenging due to the many options offered and the diversity of potential host countries. The attached document serves as a guide to help students manage this challenge.

General Information

Partner Universities

The accreditation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Learning Agreement
    • Get the module handbook of your university abroad
    • Consult the respective chairs about learning agreements
    • Make sure to fill in each Learning Agreement before your stay abroad
  2. Stay Abroad
    • Complete your stay abroad
    • Acquire a Transcript of Records
  3. Application for Accreditation
  4. Approval of Accreditation
  5. Signature by International Office
  6. Achievements Record

Further information about Learning Agreements

Further information about the Application Form for Accreditation

  • Please make sure you fill out correctly the credits and the grades you obtained abroad, the module and the exam number for the FAU course (if applicable), and the ECTS you will get at FAU – these are columns 1 to 6 from the accreditation form.
  • Do not fill out the column for the transferred grade (column 7 from the accreditation form). This is done by us.
  • Please make sure you submit the following documents necessary for accreditation:
    • The Antrag auf Annerkennung
    • The learning agreements
    • The transcript of records.
  • Please note: you are responsible for correctly filling out the form, as described above. If the information is not correctly filled out, or something is missing, the documents will be returned from the examination office and the process will be further delayed.
  • Every course needs to be on a separate row as each course has it’s own FAU module and exam number!
  • Please also check the FAQ document above.

  • Most of our exchange cooperations are supported by international programs, e.g. the ERASMUS program. In most of these case, the study fees are waived
  • Students receiving BAföG, also normally receive funding by Auslands-BAföG (Payment of study fees, travel expenses, etc. up to 4.600€ per year)
  • There are various external scholarship programs that financially support students in studying abroad (e.g. DAAD, Fulbright, GOstralia!, BayInd, BayLat, etc.). More information can be found here.

  • For general questions about ways and possibilities to go abroad, please contact the International Office.
  • For questions about learning agreements and the accreditation process, please contact Mark Kram.

Exemption for international students with study start from 2021/22 onwards

IIS students with study start in winter term 2021/22 or later have the possibility to be exempt from the obligation to spend a mandatory semester abroad if they have completed their entire Bachelor degree in a university located in a country where German is not an official language. For details, please read the information provided in this document.

Please find here the respective form to be submitted to the examination office.